Don’t Be an Excuse

“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.” -Jennifer J. Freeman

I have many ambitions, dreams, goals, and desires. We all do. We strive to achieve, and we hope to accomplish. The irony lies in the fact that we don’t only set these goals for ourselves but that we are also the only ones who can keep ourselves from attaining them. It is easy to blame external things–other people, the weather, time–for not getting everything accomplished, but in reality, the only thing that can keep us from attaining goals is our own self. 

If we don’t think we have enough time, it is us who don’t make more time. If we blame other people, we are allowing them to control our lives when we should be in control. The weather may seem like an interesting excuse. For me, it is a common one, though. My workouts depend on the weather, and the amount of sunlight impacts my motivation to complete tasks. The winter is difficult for me because I see it is dark at 4:00pm, and I feel like it is time to shut down. I am the one telling my body this, though. The weather does not tell me to be lazy, I do. 

Luckily, the end of the academic quarter has arrived, and I do not have hundreds of pages of readings to read each week. I do have a list of things I aim to complete over my winter break, though. Right now, I know that if I do not complete everything, it will be my fault. I could blame the chaos of the holidays, the weather, the fact that I am on break and should relax. I could find a lot of excuses, but excuses are only attempts to cover up the fact that I am at fault. 

I can do anything that I want to. I can cross every item off my to do list. All I need to do is keep myself going. I am too smart to be the only thing standing in the way of my goals. After all, I am the only thing that can block the ability to receive those accomplishments. There are no good excuses. Let’s stray from them, and instead focus on the goals we want to attain. If we have our minds set for the finish line, we won’t tell ourselves to stop.


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I am a student at DePaul University who loves to run, write, and relate. I don't know what I would do without my family, friends, country music, or my faith. God is great! Like this blog on Facebook to see daily posts and to read about some of my inspirations.

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